What is DataPipeline?

DataPipeline is a low-code solution for scraping projects, which automates your data collection. You can avoid writing complex code, stop maintaining your own scraper and therefore reduce engineering resources and costs.

With DataPipeline it is possible to automate your scraping jobs, receive the data where you need it and scale up your projects.

All features at a glance:

  • Run up to 10,000 URLs, keywords, ASINs or Walmart IDs at once

  • Upload all of the input in an input field, with CSV or with a webhook, for more flexibility & dynamic scraping

  • Get results in HTLM, structured JSON or CSV

  • Schedule when you project should run automatically

  • Get your results where ever you want with a webhook

  • Get updates on the status for your pojects & the success of your jobs directly to your email inbox

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