Completion and error notifications

You can choose the frequency at which you want to be informed about job completions and failed responses in your jobs.

Run Completion

We will inform you whenever a job is finished. This email contains information about the success of the last job(s), the duration of a job, the amount of jobs for the timeframe and the costs spent. You can choose a between 4 preferences for the run completion email:

  • Never (you won't get any report on your jobs)

  • With every run (you will receive a report after every finished job)

  • Daily (you will receive a daily report on your jobs)

  • Weekly (you will receive a weekly report on your jobs)

It is possible to opt-out of run completion emails by choosing the option "Never".

Failed Run Completion

You will receive an email when the jobs of your projects failed and show the status "error". You can choose between 3 preferences for the error run completion email:

  • With every run (you will receive a report with every failed job)

  • Daily (you will receive a daily report on failed jobs)

  • Weekly (you will receive weekly report on failed jobs)

It is not possible to opt-out of failed run completion emails.

Error Report

Independently of your job status, you can download an error report whenever you have failed responses in your job. Therefore you need to go into you project detail page and click on the number of responses in the row of your failed job or on the error report icon. The error report will open as a pop up and is available as download in JSON.

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