Input and Parameters

Input options

It is possible to scrape up to 10,000 URL, ASINs or keywords within one project. Input options are:

  • Input field: Copy paste the URLs or search terms into the input field. Each term or URL must be in a separate line.

  • CSV file: Simply drag and drop the file into the field. The file should not contain a header row or any commas.

  • Webhook: Add a webhook URL where we poll the entries like URLs or search terms from. The file will be validated on the fly.

Each term should be in one line without commas.

Parameters and filters

We have multiple parameters available that will improve the success of a job. Some parameters will increase the price for your job. Read more about the credit costs here.

  • Activate premium residential and mobile IPs: Activate premium proxies. A simple request costs 10 API credits and 25 in combination with javascript rendering.

  • Activate advanced bypass mechanism: Activate advanced bypass for very difficult domains. A request costs 30 API credits.

  • Disable follow redirects

  • Activate javascript rendering: Activate if the targeted URLs require rendering javascript. We will fetch these pages using a headless browser.

  • Activate to parse results: Activate to receive your results as JSON for certain domains instead of plain HTML. The domains are Google, Amazon and Walmart.

  • Activate retrying 404 responses: Activate to retry URLs if they responded with 404 error.

  • Country code: Activate country geo-targeting to use country specific proxies, for example US proxies. This parameter does not increase the cost.

  • Device type: Default is device_type=desktop. The device type will be overridden if you use keep_headers=true and send your own user agent in the request header.

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