Scraping frequency

The automatic scheduling is set to weekly for every new project. You have to manually switch to another option while editing your project.

You can choose if you want to run a job manually or set up when your project should trigger jobs automatically. This is called "Scraping frequency". When you are setting up a new project, you can find the dropdown for this option in the "Output settings". You project is set to "Scheduling disabled" by default.

You can choose:

  • Don't scrape now: No job will be triggered. You can manually trigger a job from the project detail page. Read about this option here.

  • Just scrape once: One job will be triggered once you click on "Save project".

  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly: The first job will be triggered once you click on "Save project". Afterwards the next jobs will be automatically starting based on the frequency you chose.

  • Cron: You can set up your frequency by using the cron expression. You can learn more about cron-expressions here

Below the dropdown you will see when the next jobs are planed to run, based on the scraping frequency you chose in the settings.

Disable job frequency:

When you set the scraping frequency to "Don't scrape now", the project will be in a "not scheduled" state and there won't be any jobs running automatically. You can manually start a job any time at the project's detail page. For more information, see here.

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