Job status & Cancel a running job

In the project overview page you can see all details about your projects and the status of your running and finished jobs.


When you start a job manually or automatically based on the intervals you added to your project, then you can see that job in the first row of your jobs table. The job status indicates what process the job currently is in:

  • Started: Your job started and is in progress. You can see the progress below, that informs how many responses were finished and how many are still missing. Coming soon: a better update on the running job status in column "finished at". Based on the size of the job, this step could take up until the next job is starting (but max. 24 hours). The reason is, that failed responses will be retried in order to get a successful response.

  • Finalizing: Before your job is either completed or shows an error, the status switches to finalizing. This means that all responses were processed and the final information and the results are prepared. This step should not take longer than a few seconds.

  • Completed: All responses were processed and your job has finished successfully. There might be responses with errors. You can learn more about the reason for failed responses when you download the error report in column "No. of responses".

  • Error: If more than 50% of your responses failed, we will show the status "Error". You can learn more about the reason for failed responses when you download the error report in column "No. of responses".

  • Cancelling: When you choose to cancel your running job, we stop sending new requests but it still waits for the running requests to finish. To finish up the process and to prepare the results might take a few minutes.

  • Cancelled: This is the status for cancelled jobs.

Cancel a running job

You can cancel a running job, by clicking on the "cancel" button next to the "Started" information in the "Status" column. After clicking, you need to confirm the cancelling of the job.

When your job gets cancelled, the status changes to cancelling. During this time we do not send new requests but the system still waits for requests that started to finish. This whole process might take a few minutes. After the job is cancelled and all data is processed, the status will change to cancelled and the processes successful responses can be downloaded.

We will charge you just for the processed responses, not for the responses that were cancelled.

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