Making Requests

Using ScraperAPI is easy. Just send the URL you would like to scrape to the API along with your API key and the API will return the HTML response from the URL you want to scrape.

ScraperAPI uses API keys to authenticate requests. To use the API you need to sign up for an account and include your unique API key in every request.

If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, then sign up for a free trial here with 5,000 free API credits!

You can use the API to scrape web pages, API endpoints, images, documents, PDFs, or other files just as you would any other URL. Note: there is a 2MB limit per request.

There are five ways in which you can send GET requests to ScraperAPI:

  • Via our Async Scraper service

  • Via our API endpoint

  • Via one of our SDKs (only available for some programming languages)

  • Via our proxy port

  • Via our Structured Data service

Choose whichever option best suits your scraping requirements.

Important note: regardless of how you invoke the service, we highly recommend you set a 70 seconds timeout in your application to get the best possible success rates, especially for some hard-to-scrape domains.

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