The Dashboard shows you all the information so you can keep track of your usage. It is divided into Usage, Billing, Documentation, and links to contact us.


Here you will find your API key, sample codes, monitoring tools, and usage statistics such as credits used, concurrency, failed requests, your current plan, and the end date of your billing cycle.


In this section, you are able to see your current plan, the end date of the current billing cycle, as well as subscribe to another plan. This is also the right place to set or update your billing details, payment method, view your invoices, manage your subscription, or cancel it.

Here you can also renew your subscription early, in case you run out of API credits sooner than planned. This option will let you renew your subscription at an earlier date than planned, charging you for the subscription price and resetting your credits. If you find yourself using this option regularly, please reach out to us so we can find a plan that can accommodate the number of credits you need.


This will direct you to our documentation – exactly where you are right now.

Contact Support

Direct link to reach out to our technical support team.

Contact Sales

Direct link to our sales team, for any subscription or billing-related inquiries.

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