Credits and Requests

Every time you make a request, you consume credits. The credits you have available are defined by the plan you are currently using. The amount of credits you consume depends on the domain and parameters you add to your request.


We have created custom scrapers to target these sites, if you scrape one of these domain categories you will activate this scraper and the credit cost will change.

CategoryCredit Cost per Request

Normal Requests


E-Commerce Amazon


SERP Google, Bing


Social Media LinkedIn, Twitter


Other domains may be applied, please use our API Playground before scraping to understand the cost per request will be.

Access to Protected Websites

Accessing domains with anti-scraping protections requires the activation of a bypass mechanism. This specialized process involves additional resources, resulting in an extra cost for scraping these protected websites.

ProtectionCredit Cost per Request

Cloudflare Bypass


Datadome Bypass


PerimeterX/Human Bypass


We highly recommend using our API Playground before scraping to understand the cost per request will be as domains may switch protection measures

Response Headers

Our Response Headers to each request will contain cost information on how many credits were spent on such a request: sa-credit-cost


According to your needs, you may want to access different features on our platform.

premium=true – requests cost 10 credits

render=true – requests cost 10 credits

premium=true + render=true – requests cost 25 credits

ultra_premium=true – requests cost 30 credits*

ultra_premium=true + render=true – requests cost 75 credits*

In any requests, with or without these parameters, we will only charge for successful requests (200 and 404 status codes) and for requests that have been cancelled from your side before giving us enough time to finish them (70 seconds). If you run out of credits sooner than planned, you can renew your subscription early as explained in the section titled "Dashboard".

*Accounts that have discounted pricing will have a higher credit cost per request for our Ultra Premium domains to meet our minimum pricing of $3 per one thousand requests without rendering and $7 with rendered pages.

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