Premium Residential/Mobile Proxy Pools

Our standard proxy pools include millions of proxies from over a dozen ISPs and should be sufficient for the vast majority of scraping jobs. However, for a few particularly difficult to scrape sites, we also maintain a private internal pool of residential and mobile IPs. This pool is available to all paid users.

Requests through our premium residential and mobile pool are charged at 10 times the normal rate (every successful request will count as 10 API credits against your monthly limit). Each request that uses both javascript rendering and our premium proxy pools will be charged at 25 times the normal rate (every successful request will count as 25 API credits against your monthly limit). To send a request through our premium proxy pool, please set the premium query parameter to premium=true.

We also have a higher premium level that you can use for really tough targets, such as LinkedIn. You can access these pools by adding the ultra_premium=true query parameter. These requests will use 30 API credits against your monthly limit, or 75 if used together with rendering. Please note, this is only available on our paid plans.


require 'net/http'
require 'json'
params = {
:api_key => "APIKEY",
:url => "",
:premium => true
uri = URI('')
uri.query = URI.encode_www_form(params)
website_content = Net::HTTP.get(uri)

require 'httparty'
HTTParty::Basement.default_options.update(verify: false)
response = HTTParty.get('', {
  http_proxyaddr: "",
  http_proxyport: "8001",
  http_proxyuser: "scraperapi.premium=true",
  http_proxypass: "APIKEY"
results = response.body
puts results 
  • SDK Method

# remember to install the library: gem install scraperapi
require "scraper_api"
client ="APIKEY")
result = client.get("", premium: true).raw_body
puts result

Learn more about our rotating proxy and residential proxy solution.

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