Amazon Prices API

This endpoint will retrieve product prices for the given ASINs and transform it into usable JSON.

import requests
payload = {'api_key': 'APIKEY', 'asins': 'ASIN_LIST', 'country': 'COUNTRY', 'tld': 'TLD'}
r = requests.get('', params=payload)

API Parameters



User account’s normal API key.


List of ASINs for example: B09NL894P6,B09B2SF11R,B08M3KL2JK

(A maximum of 8 ASINs can be included in one request)


Valid values include:

com ( (

ca (

de (

es (

fr (

it (

jp (

in (

cn (

sg (

mx (

ae (

br (

nl (

au (

tr (

sa (

se (

pl (


Valid values are two letter country codes for which we offer Geo Targeting (e.g. “au”, “es”, “it”, etc.).

Where an amazon domain needs to be scraped from another country (e.g. scraping from Canada to get Canadian shipping information), both TLD and COUNTRY parameters must be specified.

Sample Response

  "result": [
      "asin": "B09B2SF11R",
      "asin_recognized": true,
      "is_available": false
      "asin": "B08M3KL2JK",
      "asin_recognized": true,
      "currency_tag": "R$",
      "price": 2799,
      "raw_price_text": "R$ 2.799,00",
      "is_available": true
      "asin": "B09NL894P6",
      "asin_recognized": true,
      "currency_tag": "R$",
      "price": 600.89,
      "raw_price_text": "R$ 600,89",
      "is_available": true

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