Credit Usage

You can see your overall usage, the total of credits used in the current monthly cycle as well as your current concurrency usage in the ‘Monitoring & Stats’ part of your Dashboard. For more detailed information, you can download a domain report by clicking the small download button in the top right corner of the ‘Monitoring & Stats’ window of your dashboard.

The domain report includes which domains were scraped on which date, the parameters used and the credit consumption per domain per date. It also includes the number of canceled and failed requests on each scraping date.

If you would like to monitor your account usage and limits programmatically (how many concurrent requests you’re using, how many requests you’ve made, etc.) you may use the /account endpoint, which returns JSON.

Note: the requestCount and failedRequestCount numbers only refresh once every 15 seconds, while the concurrentRequests number is available in real-time.

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