API Endpoint Method

ScraperAPI exposes a single API endpoint for you to send GET requests. Simply send a GET request to http://api.scraperapi.com with two query string parameters and the API will return the HTML response for that URL:

  • api_key which contains your API key, and

  • url which contains the url you would like to scrape

You should format your requests to the API endpoint as follows:

curl "http://api.scraperapi.com?api_key=APIKEY&url=http://httpbin.org/ip"

To enable other API functionality when sending a request to the API endpoint simply add the appropriate query parameters to the end of the ScraperAPI URL.

For example, if you want to enable Javascript rendering with a request, then add render=true to the request:

curl "http://api.scraperapi.com/?api_key=APIKEY&url=http://httpbin.org/ip&render=true"

To use two or more parameters, simply separate them with the “&” sign.

curl "http://api.scraperapi.com?api_key=APIKEY&url=http://httpbin.org/ip&render=true&country_code=us"

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